Which Range Do I Need?

Economy Range

Entry level, simple, reliable & affordable.

This range offers our most affordable smaller form factor machines for a wide range of products and bag sizes.

Ideal for…
Start up packing operations,
First time automation,
Short-term or small scale production runs,
Low volume output,
Contract packers.
Slower speeds than standard range,
Less advanced features,
Easy & cheap to fix, service & replace,
Simple to Operate,
Small Form Factor.

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Standard Range

More speed with greater flexibility.

This range offers larger range of sizes plus ability to add more optional extras.
Also slightly faster and upgraded electronic systems.

Ideal for…
Existing or startup packing operations,
First time or additional automation,
Medium-term or medium to large scale production runs,
Medium – high volume output.
Faster speeds than economy range,
Upgraded electronic systems,
Easy & cheap to fix, service & replace,
Simple to operate,
Larger form factor.

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Premium Range

Extremely high speed and high volume output.

This range offers servo driven machines for much faster output to pack a high volume of products in a much shorter space of time.

Ideal for…
Advanced packing operations,
Combining slow packing lines into a single line,
Long-term, large scale productions runs,
High volume output.
Fastest speeds available,
Servo driven sealing system,
Easy & cheap to fix, service & replace,
Simple to Operate.

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